Our Results

Since opening in 2005, The Langham Melbourne has been working hard to reduce its wastage and minimize its impact on the environment.

The Langham, Melbourne is a leading Victorian hotel in the water management field according to the Melbourne Water Board, through the continued effort to monitor water usage and reduce overall water consumption without compromising guest comfort.

Using Earthcheck’s benchmarking criteria we have reduced consumption of water from 207.5 litres per guest night in 2010 to 195.2 litres in 2011. Projects instrumental in achieving a 33% reduction in water usage from 81,600m³ in 2006 to 59,293m³ in 2011 have been:

  • The installation of a laundry water recycling system in 2008 and an automated control system in 2007, to improve water efficiency. Combined savings of 16.5 million litres of water per year;
  • In 2007, deluxe showerheads were installed in the guest rooms to decrease the flow rate of showers from 18 litres per minute to 9 litres per minute;
  • Saving almost 3 million litres per year was the installation of three waterless woks in Melba restaurant in 2006, a restaurant servicing an average of 590 people per day;
  • The installation of a water harvesting system in the laundry to service the hotels feature fountains and to water the front garden, saving 550,000 litres per year;
  • The implementation of Recycle Cards in the hotel rooms offering guests the opportunity to reuse bed linen and towels;
  • A program started in 2010, installing dual flush cisterns in guest bedrooms.

We benchmark our energy consumption against Earthcheck criteria and have reduced consumption from 213.78 Mega joules per guest night in 2010 to 194.19 Mega joules per guest night in 2011, a saving 10% in one year.
Projects to control energy have been:

  • Replacing incandescent globes with Deluxlite, qualified Energy saver fluorescent bulbs, saving up to 75% more energy with a life up to 8 times longer;
  • Installing energy controllers to stairwell lighting, saving 45,000 KW hours pa;
  • Offering conference organisers the opportunity to host “electrically green” conferences and seminars. For an additional daily fee, we are able to switch power to a green alternative supply through energy retailer Country Energy;
  • The installation of a laundry water recycling system in 2008, reducing the electricity consumption on the heating of already recycled water;
  • A program started in 2010 installing air conditioning eco-thermostats in guest bedrooms;
  • A program installing new energy efficient electronic motors across the property;

In 2008, The Langham, Melbourne improved over 20 standard Operating Policies relating to recycling, packaging, and general waste disposal. These policies have seen a progressive reduction of waste to land fill falling from 495 tons in 2010 to 466 tons in 2011, a 6% reduction in waste to land fill in one year:

Key projects that saw the amount of waste recycled or reused from 24% in 2010 to 33% in 2011, an increase of 37.5% in one year. Include:

  • Glass recycling increased from 97 tons in 2009 to 140 tons in 2011;
  • Cardboard recycling from 22 tons in 2008 to over 37 tonnes in 2011;
  • 162kg of batteries being recycled.
  • A new initiative in 2011 accounting for 48 tons of food waste which was collected and sent for composting.
  • In 2008, reducing the use of individual glass condiment jars in Melba and In-Room Dining
  • Offering the choice of fresh rather than bottled water for guests using hotel conference facilities
  • Guest stationary and collateral being printed on 100% recycled paper
  • Office paper consumption was lowered from 3.8 tons in 2010 to 2.875 tons in 2011 , through a campaign of Recycling, Reusing and Reducing.

In 2012, The Langham, Melbourne has submitted data to be recognised as an “Earthcheck” Benchmarked Accommodation Hotel (Silver Certificate) for the third year. Earthcheck is the leading worldwide sustainability certification based on internationally accepted documentation. From the benchmarking data provided, three indicators: Portable Water Consumption; Waste Sent to Landfill; and Cleaning Products, are at, or above the Best Practice Level, an achievement which has been highly commended. The object of the Earthcheck seal is to introduce and strengthen sustainability and social practices at all levels of management. This benchmarking approach will help us in our future actions. For further information see our hotel website.

If you have any feedback on The Langham, Melbourne’s green initiatives or any suggestions please leave comments on your In Room feedback card