Aria Bar & Lounge

A city of exquisite cuisine

Fittingly for Melbourne, a city known for its many fine restaurants, dining at The Langham Melbourne hotel is always an experience to look forward to.

We'll delight your discriminating palate with cuisines prepared from the fresh harvest of Victoria's bountiful farmlands and the rich Tasman Sea.

ARIA bar & lounge - a symphony of classical tastes

Our discreet bar and lounge is the perfect setting for social engagements and post-event nightcaps.

During the day, ARIA bar & lounge presents an extensive selection of teas, coffees, light meals as well as the signature Langham Tiffin (High Tea).

In the evening, classic cocktails and fine Champagnes are served alongside artisan wines from the fertile Yarra Valley.

For more information about ARIA bar & lounge, please visit our website at Alternatively you can call 1800 641 107 and email